Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brissie Expo-Pt 2

After grabbing a bite to eat for lunch Miss A, Jules and I had a little look around...some stalls you just could not get into...peeps 3-4 deep...great for the stall hope getting into the Twiddleybitz or Craftqueen stalls....thick as with crafters not to mention how thick the croed was around TIM HOLTZ...dang it!!!!

 Forgot to mention how first thing Saturday morning, one of our main missions was to hunt down a little miss for a-stacks ON!!!!!....well it was more like a Leanne Jago sandwich....hehehe...and we soooo warned Sofia and Andrew ...    argh...goodtimes, goodtimes!!

 2;30 Miss A, Miss Cheryl and I joined Kim Arnold for her Indigo Bleu class...lots of easy going fun and the discovery of Glubbers...very interesting.

Walked back across the river and back to the INN....a well earned cuppa, bit of a rest, shower and then it was off to meet all THE BOXX Girls for tea

The Satay Hut
Was a great night and the meal was very tasty and filling.

Up early and back to the convention centre day two and the class ran smoothly, very enjoyable!
 Then it was off to catch up with friends I hadn't seen since Samantha was a month old....
Walked up to Southbank and I waited I wondered if I would recognize them???....would they recognize me?????  We arranged to meet at the Chocolate shop...turned around and there they were....sigh of relief and they hadn't changed a bit, (well maybe Darren's grey hair!)
 Hey! none of us are getting any younger !!!!
 We grabbed some lunch and talked...and very wonderful to see them and meet their two very gorgeous daughters.
 We went for a stroll along Southbank then they invited me back to their place about a 20 min drive.
 Darren's younger brother Troy was/is a very dear friend as well, he made the journey up from the Gold Coast to see me as was such an awesome nite.....I'm so happy to have been able to spend some special time with them all, they are truly beautiful people...MWAH!
[Darren, me, Paulette & Troy]

[Paulette & I]
 Way back in 1988 I was one of Darren and Paulette's was one beautiful wedding. Might I add we have all changed I checked out their wedding photo's ..big curly hair and Troy's handsome mullet...hehehehe!

 Troy drove me back into Brissie....Love you Troy...xxxx
Miss Annette was waiting for me, ( she had spent the afternoon visiting her family and said she had a great time as well.) We had a cuppa then it was sleepytime.

I shall return soon to finish off the story of EXPO 2012....(probably boring you to tears....anywho???)


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Paula said...

Brilliant to read about your weekend...amazing wasn't it, over all too quick! So fab to meet your IRL too, Julie's class was fantastic! :) x

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