Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brisbane Expo 2012... Pt 1

 June 7th 2012.....@ 5:40am the awesome Miss Annette and I set off from a super chilly Orange to head to the winter (pfft!) warmth of Brisbane.
 Before jumping on the plane we ran into the gorgeous Sofia and Andrew from Scrapmatts (love you guys!!!)
 Brissie was as balmy 19ish degrees when we arrived and it felt soooo good.
 Found our home for the next 5 nights...stashed our bags and went to hunt down food....like just around the corner-1 minute max....Brilliant!!!

Had so much fun with the most awesome Annette....we had a blast all long weekend....she is my roomie and super amazing....luv's ya chickie!!!!

 Friday- Had a great breakfast, grab some supplies then we went to the Roma Parklands.....you Brissie peeps are so lucky, such a beautiful spot in the heart of the city...beautiful...

Isn't it gorgeous!!!!

Miss Cheryl arrived mid afternoon. Went over to the convention centre to meet with Jules...I was just a tad excited... Awesome to meet her IRL, one lovely lady!
 Tracked Miss Jo down ( which is quite a story...but we won't go there....my feet hurt just thinking about it..)
We had a lovely tea together.....and one silly woman had 2 double-shot latte's....???? What was I thinking????
 Do you think I could sleep...between the excitement of expo+ 2 DS latte's no hope....think it was 3ish when the mind switched off...DANG!!!

Saturday- first class nerves...but it went really good..

                                                         (these pic's taken on Sunday)
                                                           thanks Lisa Pate...mwah!

 It was a truly amazing experience helping Jules with her class.... a true professional and I so totally love her work.....a big thanks to Nicole from Craftqueen for giving me the opportunity..

Back Tomorrow with Pt 2

Cheers Kim


Jo said...

It was such a pleasure catching up with you again Kim, & Annette too. You girls are a blast :)xx

Leanne said...

Such a fabulous wkend!! I'm so sorry I didn't get to spend much time with you! sigh... Next year for sure, right?! LOL!

Annette Edmonds said...

Yay what an awesome post, yes we did have an awesome time, I will have to put up my picks of you now. Hugs and love gorgeous xo

donna said...

it was great to finally meet you both! And I realised that when we got home I didn't get a photo :(

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