Thursday, October 22, 2009

Needle in a Haystack, not quite!

Busy week, children went back to school for the last time this year.
As usual the girls were keen as, but Mason not too happy. Roy headed back to Narromine to work.
McKenzie and Hugo missed them all and I'm sure Benny dog did too. Darling Kaila, Bill, Livvy and Emily stopped by Monday afternoon, which we all enjoy. Also caught up with miss Jen.
Tuesday done a few chores, Rhys was fitted for his hire suit for the grad,(year 12.) He's going to look pretty darn sharp, if i must say so myself.
Wednesday, Kenzie went back to Beginners with a passion!! Must say it's lovely to see.
Rhys started H.S.C exams (english) He was pleased with his effort, so that's wonderful. I went to our closest daycare centre and put Hugo on next years list. Hopefully he will get a place?
Made me have mixed emotions, on one hand, woohoo!!! time just for me after 20 years of caring for my babies. Sad that they are growing up????

I know time moves on!!! sigh.....another sigh.....
Thursday, today......I took Kenzie and Hugo over to see Kaila, Bill, Liv and Emily.
The boys love to go over there and it's so cute the way they greet know big huge cuddles..... so sweet!
Stayed for a couple of hours then headed home for lunch. Had just started to get lunch for Dad and the children when Rhys came inside and told me he had lost his rigid contact lense in the backyard!!!!!
Then the fun started.....searching almost blade by blade of grass, I had almost given up....but i kept telling myself, don't. He needs it!!! H.S.C remember and it also cost $250 to replace also takes a whole week for them to get it to Orange. Couldn't believe this was happening to poor Rhys, hadn't he been through enough this year?????
Told myself again.....don't give up! I looked down and to my amazement their it was!!!!
WOOOOHOOO!!!! One contact lense FOUND!!
Walked down to Rhys's room and just stood there looking at him.....he looked up.
Found it...he was very surprised and so was i, actually.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Done and Done!!

Friday morning i went to Rhys's Year 12 Final Assembly, it was very touching.
Some very talented young singers in his year.
Rhys went out for the rest of the afternoon and night. He spent it with the rest of the other students in his year, they are starting to realise that school is over. Very touching.
My other children are now on holidays, so that's always fun????
Did a few scrapbooking pages, which turned out pretty good.
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