Monday, March 28, 2011

Stuck?!: 1st March Challenge

First entry into a stuck sketch challenge. Hugo so gave me a laugh the other night at tea I just had to scrap what he said... a bit of paint, glimmermist...stitching
Thanx for stopping by it was a lot of fun.
Been busy most of the w/end scrapping over at THE BOXX cyber crop.....WHAT a blast even though i only got a couple of layouts done.
Thanx for stopping by


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthday Boy Kenzie

I was should have added a birthday pic of Kenz with my last he is...
The first of two birthday cakes.
Daddy made McKenzie a mud cake as well...yum!

Goodbye Holiday House?

With the closing of our old hospital here in Orange I thought it would be good to do a layout on the place I have given birth to 6 children including Harrison (dec). The older 3 were born in different hospitals....Leeton, NSW...Mundubbera, Qld....and Healsville, Vic.
Drs use to joke around and say "what are you trying for one in every state????"

Anyway at least the children will have a layout/pics of what it looked like......yeah! I know nothing flash, but it still holds a lot of special memories.

The new hospital looks pretty awesome...pity i won't be havin' anymore babies....big SIGH!!!!

A little close up

Master McKenzie turned the BIG 7 yesterday.
He was so excited he couldn't sleep. Through the night he snuck into our bed and at one stage i seen him stick his head up to look out the window so he could see if the sun was coming up...hehehe.
He had a good day with a little family afternoon tea.
He's such a beautiful boy.

Thanx for stopping by
sweet peeps.

Keep strong
have a good one!


Monday, March 21, 2011

White With 1 March Challenge.

Had this layout sitting on my desk for the week or two.....

White-Hot Pink and Artisan

A little prettiness?

I don't do pink very often so this was a challenge.

On a sad note I lost a dear friend on the 17th March, can't believe she has gone.
I'll miss you my always put a smile on my face.

Hugs to your family xxx


A tough week.

Take care good people


Friday, March 11, 2011


Doesn't this sound like fun?

Come on peeps join in and create.
Popped over to Julie Winks page this morning and this was what she had posted.....well sounds like fun and I get something made by! win! I say.
So spread your creative talents EVERYWHERE!

Pay it forward for creative people]: I promise to send something handmade to the first five people who leave a comment on this post. They must in turn, promise to post this and send something they made to the first five people to reply. It must be sent sometime in 2011. It can be anything you have made... from jewellery, sewing, cards all counts.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cool giveaway by Samantha Hauzer Blog!!!

Ooooh! Loads of awesome yumminess up for grabs!
Even Samantha said she thinks it is her biggest yet....and the amount of yumminess....drooling on a massive scale.

 You should pop over and take a look and enter.

Looks mighty awesome to me and this is only 1/3 of it????

So if you are feelin' lucky pop over and follow Sams' instructions..

(Thanks Samantha for kindness!)

Catch you all later and have a sweet week, peeps!!

                             Kim XX

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

#48 TCR...and a random.

Well been busy started studying for HSC this week...interesting....something major to fit into an already busy life, actually I'm enjoying it.
 Missed my fortnightly scrap sess with Annette and Mary (major bummer), I double booked....note to self must check calendar on regular basis.....grrr!
 Miss Sidney had a belated birthday vampires as she wanted to be the only vamp in the room.
 They all had fun I think (8 zombies/witches...i think?)
Dad's still in hospital should be out tomorrow.
 Anyway now to show you my latest layout.....inspired by the one and only (i think) Julie Winks.
 This is for The color room's weekly challenge
first a close up.
My Quiet Achiever Madison
Another layout on Rhys
We miss him so very much. But he's were he needs to be.
Anyway sweet people thank you for your awesomeness and thanx for stopping by. Now it's off to CRAFT QUEEN to get some awesome scrappy supplies

kim XXX

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Boxx Awesome Challenge.

Over at The Boxx the fortnightly challenge is so totally awesome! Set by the very talented and witty Leanne Jago.

Challenge to be inspired (in any direction0, from a You tube clip of " Something In The Water". Most peeps would seen or heard it on the telly...they use it as summer promo.

I so enjoyed doing this challenge...even woke up thinking about my layout...hmmm! bit worrying???? Not to mention I should be studying

Stop by and have a look.

I loved the waves in the clip and set to straight away making them for my layout so on craft I drew them freehand, cut it out and then using water colour pencils (blue of course), coloured in the odd section...then hit it with glimmermist.
The hardest thing was finding the right photo for the layout. Had heaps of photo's from a summer holiday trip to Nambucca Heads...about 2 years ago.
It was between a photo of Samantha running in the water at the beach and the photo I decided on, the Hugo Bear. The blue in his rash suit made up my mind....fitted well.

Working on a Rhys layout but I really have to hit the books and the gym ( been soooo slack this week).
Oh well always next week or should I say TOMORROW.
 Anyway delightful people time to let the teenagers on the net.

Enjoy your weekend whatever your planning, most importantly KEEP SCRAPPIN'....and keep safe!!

                                                                            Kim xx
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