Thursday, March 24, 2011

Goodbye Holiday House?

With the closing of our old hospital here in Orange I thought it would be good to do a layout on the place I have given birth to 6 children including Harrison (dec). The older 3 were born in different hospitals....Leeton, NSW...Mundubbera, Qld....and Healsville, Vic.
Drs use to joke around and say "what are you trying for one in every state????"

Anyway at least the children will have a layout/pics of what it looked like......yeah! I know nothing flash, but it still holds a lot of special memories.

The new hospital looks pretty awesome...pity i won't be havin' anymore babies....big SIGH!!!!

A little close up

Master McKenzie turned the BIG 7 yesterday.
He was so excited he couldn't sleep. Through the night he snuck into our bed and at one stage i seen him stick his head up to look out the window so he could see if the sun was coming up...hehehe.
He had a good day with a little family afternoon tea.
He's such a beautiful boy.

Thanx for stopping by
sweet peeps.

Keep strong
have a good one!


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