Monday, November 2, 2009

Belly Bugs and Birthday Boys!!!

What a week i had last week.....eewww!!!!

Sick children - left- right and centre and also 1 sick mum to cope with it all, ( Roy's still working away from home all week.)

So the week went pretty fast due to living in a virus filled haze, most the children didn't feel well enough to eat.

The one remarkable thing is McKenzie and Sidney did not get this horrid bug, even though it was all around them?????

Mason celebrated his 13th Birthday...... He chose a pretty quiet day happy with a new game for his xbox.

Kalia, Bill, Liv and Em popped over and made his day more special---even though he didn't really move from the TV screen.

As always it was great to see them.

Roy was home for the weekend-----you know having a taste of life as a single mum through the week makes you realise what a help they are!!!!

Roxanne, Akasha, Gem and Charlie popped in on Sunday and that was wonderful as i haven't seen them in a long least 4 weeks.

Rhys does his final exam tomorrow----Japanese....GOOD LUCK my son!!!!

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