Monday, January 31, 2011

Get Picky challenge #4

He's my take on the Get Picky Challenge.

Awesome should pop over and be inspired  .

A close up!
Took this photo on my iPhone and then this awesome challenge came up and so suited the Pic's.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

She's 17 ??? (how did that happen so fast?)

Wow! She's 17...she's just so logical and reasonable, (well so far!). Sunday, 23rd...
 I was like, I can't wait to get out of home at her age.
 Samantha had a quiet day with me and then we went out for tea with 2 of her besties,Lindsay and Bronte and her favourite people, like Roxanne, Kaila and Miss Jen.
Was a nice evening.

and of course here is a layout & her birthday card.....she only likes homemade cards.

So a year until Samantha turns 18.....I'm starting to older...hmm!

So kiddies head back to school this week....yippeeee!
Madison starts high school, Samantha starts yr 11, Mason into yr 9, Miss Sidney into yr 4, Kenzie into yr 1 and Hugo to start pre-school.
OMG! that means I'm going to have no one at home with me 1 day at least a week.
First time like in 21 years....scary but also nice!

Thanx for dropping by


Friday, January 28, 2011

Time rolls on.

 Decided to do a PROUD layout on Rhys"s acceptance into Uni. Last Wednesday night when he got home from work he checked the UAC website...I had gone to pick Roy up from work. When we walked in the door he strolled down the hall, the way he does..(all heavy footed), and said "hey! I got in". Well had to give him the hugest of motherly, so, proud of him.
 So he's off to Armidale in a couple of weeks...sigh!
The first of my babies to actually not be living in the same city as me.....that is a little know one day they have to leave, but when it is actually going to happen it's just a little scary/sad...sort of!??

Mixed just had to do this layout and you should expect another couple...most likely a tad more emotional...sigh!
 Anyway guys..there is a line up for the computer...grrrrr!  Roll on Tuesday...when I don't have to share....well not between 9 and 3....(Mason leave me ALONE...he is so pestie!!!).
Thanx for looking,
Sweet peeps
               Until next time

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Show Us Your Stuff, Jan#2 Challenge.

Recipe....Stitching,misting,buttons, 4 or more pp and something handmade.
     A close up....Bitter Sweet Treasure.
A bit of a personal layout about just how special this girl is to us! Love you to bits miss Sid...mwah!!

Went to give blood today but they wouldn't let me as iron level was too low....I'll be working on that now...sad note can't give blood for 6 mths now...Darn IT !!!

                                                                        Talk soon & thanx for lookin'
                                                                             kim xx

Monday, January 17, 2011

Two new layouts.

A close-up of my abseiling layout, I thought the string was a good embellishment.

 Full layout. Splashed a bit of paint around and last touch was the stamping top and just needed a little something...wah-la!!

Close -up of my Darling Sidney..(above). Felt like doing something just a little brighter and fun for this LO.
Happy Birthday Sidney...only 1 more year until your into double figures!!!
Thanx for looking peeps!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Abseiling Adventure.( 30th Dec, 2010).

The point we started from (at top of picture).

        See the kids at the bottom of shot..Wazza, (my brother), Roxanne and I are at top of shot to the left.
                                                      Me heading down. So much fun!!
                                                      Almost at the bottom.
My big brother instructs for the I was in the safest of hands.
It was a awesome experience and if i get the chance I'll surely do it again..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

He's so cute for a little devil.

Had to do a layout on Hugo and what he said to me yesterday....oh so sweet...think I'll remember it forever.

On a worrying note. south/east QLD floods...scary stuff !!!
My nephew Damian and his wife, Christine are in Brissy. They should be fine???
Christine's parents had to be rescued from their roof top by helicopter..but they are safe. Most importantly.
 Dad is fine, he's about 2.5 hrs inland from Bundaberg. They are cut supplies getting through for the next few days. Dad is in high spirits and said he's all good.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Monday, January 10, 2011


Here is a layout for this months KIU challenge.
Had a heap of fun doing this.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

WW1, January 2011, Challenge.

My entry into WW1 challenge....January 2011.
White + Royal/Navy + Banner.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boxx Challenge....awesome Jules!!

My entry into Julie Winks fortnightly challenge.

Must start doing a bit of study as the scrappin' is taking much fun!!!

Won't make the gym today..bummer, maybe tomorrow for power....feel the burn...aaarrrgh! Boy I felt the burn earlier this week...legs are recovered, thankfully.

Seeya next time bloggers

Friday, January 7, 2011

Few New Layouts.

Yeah! Got my ink yesterday and finally got my layouts finnished.....WooHoo!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hamish the cat.

Here is Hamish the cat. Samantha bought him for the children for Christmas. She placed a big bow on him and sent him down our hallway to introduce himself to everyone.

They all fell instantly in love with him.

He's been so good, so far anyway.
Went to the gym today and done the Active class...boy you wouldn't think such a short break would get to you so much but BOY did I feel it....ouchies!!!
Started some layouts today and first thing tomorrow I'm heading into town to get some ink...FOR BOTH PRINTERS.....thanx darling printer friendly daughters....Grrrr!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Cheer!!

Here we are a new year...I'm sure a better year ??/ I'm so hoping it is anyways.

Christmas was great but did miss my best bud, (she usually joins us for Christmas Lunch).

Spent the afternoon at Roxanne's with was really nice, except Roy had to work the afternoon.

Went abseiling with Warren and Roxanne....I really enjoyed it, will share pic's soon.

Things I would like to do this year.....hmmmm!

Get a layout published...that would be mad, maybe even make it onto a design team....not sure if I'm that good ,yet???

Make progress on HSC....I know I will get there....slowly, and most important...grow my family...stronger...healthier...smarter.

Roy has a new job and change of direction...(about time!)

Rhys is waiting to hear about Uni beautiful big girl, Samantha is growing might I say beautifully....she is just so much smarter than I ever was...maybe she's learning from my mistakes.....I so hope, so??

Mason is living in world of warcraft land....Madison in vampire world...Miss Sidney is having fun being a little fun loving lady and McKenzie and Hugo are having fun being little boys...playing lots of make believe games..playing xbox-kinect which might I add is awesome and having the odd brotherly fight...fists and all, which mother is trying to stop quick smart.

Started back at the Gym today did a power class which felt great. (must lose 5kg...goal weight 59kgs.) Can't wait for Biggest Loser Australia to start...looks awesome on the ads.

Trying to study on regular basis...and my I add I'am making progress...yay!!

Wanted to scrap tonight but of course both printers out of ink...thanx darling daughters....grr!

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