Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Cheer!!

Here we are a new year...I'm sure a better year ??/ I'm so hoping it is anyways.

Christmas was great but did miss my best bud, (she usually joins us for Christmas Lunch).

Spent the afternoon at Roxanne's with family...it was really nice, except Roy had to work the afternoon.

Went abseiling with Warren and Roxanne....I really enjoyed it, will share pic's soon.

Things I would like to do this year.....hmmmm!

Get a layout published...that would be mad, maybe even make it onto a design team....not sure if I'm that good ,yet???

Make progress on HSC....I know I will get there....slowly, and most important...grow my family...stronger...healthier...smarter.

Roy has a new job and change of direction...(about time!)

Rhys is waiting to hear about Uni placement....my beautiful big girl, Samantha is growing might I say beautifully....she is just so much smarter than I ever was...maybe she's learning from my mistakes.....I so hope, so??

Mason is living in world of warcraft land....Madison in vampire world...Miss Sidney is having fun being a little fun loving lady and McKenzie and Hugo are having fun being little boys...playing lots of make believe games..playing xbox-kinect which might I add is awesome and having the odd brotherly fight...fists and all, which mother is trying to stop quick smart.

Started back at the Gym today did a power class which felt great. (must lose 5kg...goal weight 59kgs.) Can't wait for Biggest Loser Australia to start...looks awesome on the ads.

Trying to study on regular basis...and my I add I'am making progress...yay!!

Wanted to scrap tonight but of course both printers out of ink...thanx darling daughters....grr!

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