Friday, June 29, 2012

Brissie Expo 2012-Pt 3

Hi there.....back with the final installment of my Brisbane Expo story.....
Sunday night Miss Annette and I devise a plan to get to the Convention Centre nice and early to obtain photo's with the one and only TIM HOLTZ..... ( Annette was truly on a personal mission photo needed for FB)

Monday 11th, June....woke early to take Cheryl to the Transit centre as she was heading home and it gave us a chance to see where we needed to be Tuesday morning to head home ourseleves. Much needed Macca's breaky stop then we taxied it to the Brisbane Convention Centre to take up a very prime position and wait......wait..... wait

{{{ sigh!!!!}}}

{{{ Annette and Tim }}}
What can I say, but he was lovely.....and so was Mario...

Then it was off to do Julie's final class....awesome stuff!!!
 Said our Goodbye's to Julie [sob!]
After lunch and asking Mr Holtz to....sign our passes (boast!!!)

 Miss A and I looked around a bit then we watched the gorgeous Renee Iveson give a Master's talk.....she had everyone laughing.

I always get such alot out of these talks they are awesome!!! If you get the chance to listen to the Master's you really should, don't just walk on by...

Lou Nelson was the next up to give a talk!!!!!
 She talked about thinking outside the square......super inspiring, she truly touched Annette and I.
Thank You Lou....such a beautiful

For the last couple of hours of expo 2012, Miss A and I wandered around
the stalls...taking it all in....sigh!

We will be back next year.....
Grabbed a pie on the way back to our room....time to think about returning home.

Tuesday- 12th.... our day started early a long day of travel and home to my babies and Roy.

Miss Annette is such an awesome travel partner...she makes everyday lots of fun (love you, chickie...mwah!!)

  Lovely to catch up with my Rhys #2 son....home from Armidale (Uni) for a few days....managed to get all my babies together for a couple of photo' could be up to 18 months before we are all together again at the one time, as Rhys heads off to Japan for 12 months as an exchange student...(very exciting for him...bit scary for his mother....rather HUGE sigh.....of worry.)

Miss Annette told me they look like the Adam's family...hehehehe!
Hey! I still love them....

And I have to say a BiG CoNgRaTuLaTiOns to my beautiful niece Candice and her husband Josh on the birth of their son Eden.....he is so gorgeous!!!!!

Love and scrappy hugs beautiful people......I will catchya all a bit later

Cheers Kim x

Friday, June 22, 2012

Black White & One Entry

So this year I decided to enter the Black White plus One Brisbane Expo competition and was truly chuffed my entry was accepted for display in Brisbane.....
{A little close-up}

{That song would not vacate my head while doing this layout}
{ Love }
A very big CONGRATULATIONS to Lyn Aspelt who won first prize and Gillian Lester who picked up 2nd......

Thanks for stopping by and have a FAB weekend chickies!!!!

Kim x

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brissie Expo-Pt 2

After grabbing a bite to eat for lunch Miss A, Jules and I had a little look around...some stalls you just could not get into...peeps 3-4 deep...great for the stall hope getting into the Twiddleybitz or Craftqueen stalls....thick as with crafters not to mention how thick the croed was around TIM HOLTZ...dang it!!!!

 Forgot to mention how first thing Saturday morning, one of our main missions was to hunt down a little miss for a-stacks ON!!!!!....well it was more like a Leanne Jago sandwich....hehehe...and we soooo warned Sofia and Andrew ...    argh...goodtimes, goodtimes!!

 2;30 Miss A, Miss Cheryl and I joined Kim Arnold for her Indigo Bleu class...lots of easy going fun and the discovery of Glubbers...very interesting.

Walked back across the river and back to the INN....a well earned cuppa, bit of a rest, shower and then it was off to meet all THE BOXX Girls for tea

The Satay Hut
Was a great night and the meal was very tasty and filling.

Up early and back to the convention centre day two and the class ran smoothly, very enjoyable!
 Then it was off to catch up with friends I hadn't seen since Samantha was a month old....
Walked up to Southbank and I waited I wondered if I would recognize them???....would they recognize me?????  We arranged to meet at the Chocolate shop...turned around and there they were....sigh of relief and they hadn't changed a bit, (well maybe Darren's grey hair!)
 Hey! none of us are getting any younger !!!!
 We grabbed some lunch and talked...and very wonderful to see them and meet their two very gorgeous daughters.
 We went for a stroll along Southbank then they invited me back to their place about a 20 min drive.
 Darren's younger brother Troy was/is a very dear friend as well, he made the journey up from the Gold Coast to see me as was such an awesome nite.....I'm so happy to have been able to spend some special time with them all, they are truly beautiful people...MWAH!
[Darren, me, Paulette & Troy]

[Paulette & I]
 Way back in 1988 I was one of Darren and Paulette's was one beautiful wedding. Might I add we have all changed I checked out their wedding photo's ..big curly hair and Troy's handsome mullet...hehehehe!

 Troy drove me back into Brissie....Love you Troy...xxxx
Miss Annette was waiting for me, ( she had spent the afternoon visiting her family and said she had a great time as well.) We had a cuppa then it was sleepytime.

I shall return soon to finish off the story of EXPO 2012....(probably boring you to tears....anywho???)


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brisbane Expo 2012... Pt 1

 June 7th 2012.....@ 5:40am the awesome Miss Annette and I set off from a super chilly Orange to head to the winter (pfft!) warmth of Brisbane.
 Before jumping on the plane we ran into the gorgeous Sofia and Andrew from Scrapmatts (love you guys!!!)
 Brissie was as balmy 19ish degrees when we arrived and it felt soooo good.
 Found our home for the next 5 nights...stashed our bags and went to hunt down just around the corner-1 minute max....Brilliant!!!

Had so much fun with the most awesome Annette....we had a blast all long weekend....she is my roomie and super amazing....luv's ya chickie!!!!

 Friday- Had a great breakfast, grab some supplies then we went to the Roma Brissie peeps are so lucky, such a beautiful spot in the heart of the city...beautiful...

Isn't it gorgeous!!!!

Miss Cheryl arrived mid afternoon. Went over to the convention centre to meet with Jules...I was just a tad excited... Awesome to meet her IRL, one lovely lady!
 Tracked Miss Jo down ( which is quite a story...but we won't go feet hurt just thinking about it..)
We had a lovely tea together.....and one silly woman had 2 double-shot latte's....???? What was I thinking????
 Do you think I could sleep...between the excitement of expo+ 2 DS latte's no hope....think it was 3ish when the mind switched off...DANG!!!

Saturday- first class nerves...but it went really good..

                                                         (these pic's taken on Sunday)
                                                           thanks Lisa Pate...mwah!

 It was a truly amazing experience helping Jules with her class.... a true professional and I so totally love her work.....a big thanks to Nicole from Craftqueen for giving me the opportunity..

Back Tomorrow with Pt 2

Cheers Kim


Happy Tuesday peoples!!!!

So very much to tell you but firstly I need to share the June Stuck?!Sketches with you all...

( Due to Brisbane Scrapbooking & Papercraft Expo and my recovery period I'm a little late showing you my layout for the June 1st Sketch.)

 Isn't it gorgeous!!!

Had lots of fun with this sketch....
Here is my example....

My beautiful niece Candice and her husband Josh....

I used a mini spring fling C/W template and lightly misted in glimmermist and I had planned to keep it simple but then I felt it needed more, so I started to add layers of cut boarders... I absolutely love this DONUT CHAIN PUNCH....and who doesn't like the DAISY EDGE PUNCH... ....( not many of us thats for sure!!!)

has all the items I've used for this layout and lots more girls.....YUM!

Now onto the June 15th Sketch.....which looks like...

 Another truly gorgeous sketch Pop over and have a SQUIZZ at the other CT examples!!! They are all very inspirational....

Here is my little example for butterflies...

Sorry I can't give you some close computer and camera didn't like eachother for some reason the other week...ppffft! Silly puter~~~~

Love this BoBunny paper and the colours...I really didn't do alot, except add some CRAFTQUEEN flowers, Prima trim and the Butterfly is cut from some TIM HOLTZ kraft ink resist then stitched to some tea-dyed calico...then I just splished some black g/mist around.

So there you have the two totally awesome June Sketches  for STUCK?!
I do hope you have the chance to join sure too!!!

I'll be back again real soon to tell you all about the awesome time I had at expo this year.....but I really need to go warm's like 6 degrees here at the moment and I can see my breath infront of me as I'm typing....brrrrrr!

Keep warm

Cheers Kim
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