Friday, June 29, 2012

Brissie Expo 2012-Pt 3

Hi there.....back with the final installment of my Brisbane Expo story.....
Sunday night Miss Annette and I devise a plan to get to the Convention Centre nice and early to obtain photo's with the one and only TIM HOLTZ..... ( Annette was truly on a personal mission photo needed for FB)

Monday 11th, June....woke early to take Cheryl to the Transit centre as she was heading home and it gave us a chance to see where we needed to be Tuesday morning to head home ourseleves. Much needed Macca's breaky stop then we taxied it to the Brisbane Convention Centre to take up a very prime position and wait......wait..... wait

{{{ sigh!!!!}}}

{{{ Annette and Tim }}}
What can I say, but he was lovely.....and so was Mario...

Then it was off to do Julie's final class....awesome stuff!!!
 Said our Goodbye's to Julie [sob!]
After lunch and asking Mr Holtz to....sign our passes (boast!!!)

 Miss A and I looked around a bit then we watched the gorgeous Renee Iveson give a Master's talk.....she had everyone laughing.

I always get such alot out of these talks they are awesome!!! If you get the chance to listen to the Master's you really should, don't just walk on by...

Lou Nelson was the next up to give a talk!!!!!
 She talked about thinking outside the square......super inspiring, she truly touched Annette and I.
Thank You Lou....such a beautiful

For the last couple of hours of expo 2012, Miss A and I wandered around
the stalls...taking it all in....sigh!

We will be back next year.....
Grabbed a pie on the way back to our room....time to think about returning home.

Tuesday- 12th.... our day started early a long day of travel and home to my babies and Roy.

Miss Annette is such an awesome travel partner...she makes everyday lots of fun (love you, chickie...mwah!!)

  Lovely to catch up with my Rhys #2 son....home from Armidale (Uni) for a few days....managed to get all my babies together for a couple of photo' could be up to 18 months before we are all together again at the one time, as Rhys heads off to Japan for 12 months as an exchange student...(very exciting for him...bit scary for his mother....rather HUGE sigh.....of worry.)

Miss Annette told me they look like the Adam's family...hehehehe!
Hey! I still love them....

And I have to say a BiG CoNgRaTuLaTiOns to my beautiful niece Candice and her husband Josh on the birth of their son Eden.....he is so gorgeous!!!!!

Love and scrappy hugs beautiful people......I will catchya all a bit later

Cheers Kim x

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