Friday, January 28, 2011

Time rolls on.

 Decided to do a PROUD layout on Rhys"s acceptance into Uni. Last Wednesday night when he got home from work he checked the UAC website...I had gone to pick Roy up from work. When we walked in the door he strolled down the hall, the way he does..(all heavy footed), and said "hey! I got in". Well had to give him the hugest of motherly, so, proud of him.
 So he's off to Armidale in a couple of weeks...sigh!
The first of my babies to actually not be living in the same city as me.....that is a little know one day they have to leave, but when it is actually going to happen it's just a little scary/sad...sort of!??

Mixed just had to do this layout and you should expect another couple...most likely a tad more emotional...sigh!
 Anyway guys..there is a line up for the computer...grrrrr!  Roll on Tuesday...when I don't have to share....well not between 9 and 3....(Mason leave me ALONE...he is so pestie!!!).
Thanx for looking,
Sweet peeps
               Until next time

1 comment:

Jasmine S said...

First of all, congrats to DS. How exciting. This LO looks great. Says it all but really great for a "big boy". Design is fab.

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