Saturday, January 21, 2012

Worries!!! !!!!
Poor Hugo is not having a good week...earlier in the week he got a black-eye...(head and face clash on the trampoline) the Friday morning he woke up with pains in his belly...NOT GOOD!!! 
Gave him panadol and he seemed okay!?....went on with my day...which included a visit to Craftqueen to pick up some ribbons for some christmas cards I had planned on making during my fortnightly scrap with Annette and Mary....and a stop at Woolies for some food supplies.
 By the time I got home Hugo was in pain I gave him cuddles and he fell asleep. An hour or so later he woke in pain....I asked him a few ?'s and found out the pains were in his lower righthand side of his to the hospital we went I was worried about appendicitis of course....after examination the Dr is thinking it is a virus...??? Apparently there are a few going around that inflame the we came home and are just hoping he is right....sigh! it's such a worry.

On the Scrappy front I have a little sneaks to show you

 Sorry I just realised I haven't edited this pic....but's something to look at.
  A layout using some gorgeous goodies from Craftqueen but I have to wait to share the whole thing with you.
Here are a few pic's that I'm loving atm.....
Awwah! Cuddles
don't you love it when you capture moments like this!

Some Summer time fun
with buckets and water

I love this photo of Kenzie looking at the camera
as the other two carry on with whatever!!!
  Okay gorgeous people just thought I might post as I'm just sitting here with one super cuddley little man, wish him luck....we don't like hospitals very much!!!
 And I'm missing my scrappy girls (Annette and Mary),'s our scrappy Saturday BIG sigh....
Love and scrappy cyber hugs to you all....


Dolly B said...

Hope your little man is ok Kim, we missed you to , but were happy you could drop in for awhile. The sneak peek looks fabulous
Mary x

Gwen Wruck said...

awww Kim, I hope your little man is ok... Remember I not too long ago did the emergency appendix surgery thing, AND I would not recommend!!! Love the sneak on the layout - that pleat ribbon is to die for!

Jo said...

Hope your young man is on the mend Kim. Looking forward to the full reveal of that page :)

Dolly B said...

just wanted to let you know Kim I have awarded you a blog award, Details here

Mary x

Jenny said...

Hi Kim,

Loving your sneak peak.... looking gorgeous... so sorry to hear your little one has not been well... cuddles are the best anytime but especially when you are sick...

Jenny x

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