Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Did a layout for colour challenge over at Challenge Heaven......Hhhhmmmm!
 I like but?????
Just not sure if I like it enough.....anyhow here it is

Summer colours and some paint....
Dad has a small farm in QLD on which he has 200, soon to be 300 mango trees. At the end of season he brings us a few to munch on and one Sidney lourves this event very much. I thought perfect thing to scrap about ...very summery. Put lots of flowers on as a very lovely lady showed me how to make them last w/end...thanks Annette.(Mwah!---I love you!!)

must blogoff
thanx for stopping bye

kim xx

1 comment:

Leanne J said...

first of all.. this look superb.. fantastic..awesome.. and yep definately summer..
oh and second.. i HATE mangoes.. i know its alittle bit sacralige since i live in QLD but anyho..
and third..sorry about the
happy days.

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