Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Once Upon A Sketch April Challenge.

So the challenge this April at 
Is to scrap an event that changed your life and to follow or be inspired by the sketch, 
which I shall show you below.

Now, the event that changed my life, that I have chosen is not a happy one.....and it happened quite some time ago!
This is the first layout/page solely dedicated to this event in my life.
Way back in September, 2000 as the world enjoyed the
Sydney Olympics and dreams came true our dreams of completing our family turned into a nightmare.
At 39 weeks gestation we lost our son.
Harrison James Ewins 
He was born still.

  {The Day You Went Away}


So many things run through your head after something like this happens in your life.
And while trying to journal about this event there are just too many thoughts, feelings and emotions, still, even after all this time!
You never get over it you just learn to live with it!
 I have stuck my journaling on the reverse of my layout.

My heart always goes out to those couples that suffer such a loss with their first pregnancies.....
Although it was hard at times to carry on in the early days after this loss, my children gave me the strength to move forward. 
On a happy note we did go on to have 3 more children. 
Sure I have a lot of children (*8) + 1 Angel
 but I know just how precious each and every one of them is!
 Here is the lovely sketch Nadia has created......for the April Challenge!

Thank you for stopping by

Cheers Kim


Jo said...

Such a beautiful page Kim & I can't even imagine how hard it would be to lose a child. I'm so glad you've been able to share this story & you've done an amazing job with the mixed media xx

Dolly B said...

A Very special and precious Layout Kim. I love the angel wings x

Val Thorpe said...

Oh Kim .. my first reaction to this layout and story was tears, I have had a couple of miscarriages in the first trimester while I was struggling to fall pregnant and that was hard enough I can't even begin to imagine carrying to term and then losing a child :( my second reaction was awe and incredulousness... NINE children I can't even begin to imagine that either. I take my hat off to you you must be one incredible lady. I am honoured to have shared this part of your story with you. Thank you <3 and thanks for playing along with us at OUAS this month. <3

Lizzyc said...

A very special and heart touching layout about a very difficult time on your life.. thanks for sharing..

Fiona Paltridge said...

Kim, this is so, so beautiful. What a truly heart felt and moving layout you've created. No matter how many years pass, his name will echo in your heart beat forever. I feel so humbled by your sharing of such an important part of your life xx oo

linda said...

Beautiful layout, and I loved the colors, but the honesty in it makes my heart brake... I'm so sorry for your loss.

Tracey Sabella said...

Kim, my heart resinates with yours as we lost a child, but earlier in the pregnancy and yes, your life and outlook on things changes forever. How wonderful that you had the support of your loving family to help you through the dark days that followed. Your layout is amazing and so sweetly reflects the emotions of your loss. Thanks for joining us for the April OUAS challenge with your very special page!! ~ Blessings, Tracey Garden of Grace

Lizzy Hill said...

Ditto Val.....& the whole way you have scrapped it speaks volumes. Amazing take on our OUAS challenge....& I reckon it is good to scrap the Other side of life [when we're ready, of course] as well as the happy chappy parts too:) So all power to you:):) And if you haven’t already done so, you can link this to our Once Upon A…Sketch Facebook Page for a chance at our special FB prize!

Jelissa Mei said...

I've commented on your post before in FB, but as I read this again I've tearing up with so many emotion. Your journalling just resonates with how I feel whenever something unfortunate happens, and your pain and anguish is so clearly expressed in your page.

Kim, you are really one brave soul and in the end, I'm happy for you thatyou have so many angels on earth as your family, and one beautiful one waiting for you in heaven as well. I can only imagine the tears of joy you are going to shed when you reunite one day.

thanks for sharing this with us at OUAS.

Maja Stokk / eyovine said...

Touching journaling and a fab page. Thanks for joining in at OUAS.

Maria said...

Beautiful and touching xxx

Ольга Васильева said...

WOW!!! just amazing background!! Thank you for playing along with us at OUAS this month!

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