Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wet & Wild.....Scrapmatts November Challenge!

Hi all it's my turn to host the 

I thought I would like to inspire you to get a little
'Wet & Wild'
with your SCRAPMATTS  

Now if you have never played with your chippies in this way I will show you how it's done!!

 You will need- Scrapmatts Chipboard
Water spritzer (or you can use glimmermist).
Plastic surface to work on.

 Now simply wet the chipboard using either water or mist
(You need to wet the chipboard quite a lot)
Another method is to spray a waterproof surface with ample water or mist and then place your chipboard piece into the liquid. 
Now leave this to absorb the liquid for around 4-5 minutes.

Now very gently take the chipboard, (it will be soft and fragile). Carefully start to separate the layers.
Try not to lift all the way just lifting the edges.

 Once happy leave to dry, completely
Once dry you can paint etc.
 Below is a close-up of how I have used this technique on a layout.

 Hope you will give my little challenge a go!?
A $25.00 Scrapmatts Voucher is up for grabs
To be eligible, your creation MUST have Scrapmatts on it.
And be added to the Scrapmatts gallery.
Thanks for stopping 


Belinda Lowe said...

Cool (but super fiddly for my fat fingers) - might just try it to prove how clumsy i really am - he he

carlies said...

wow this is so clever soooo beautiful page

Ava Gavloski said...

thanks for the tutorial, appreciate the technique details on how to tease the edges of the chipboard

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