Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas bits 2011

   So Christmas 2011 has been and gone and a New Year is within sight....scary how quick the years pass now.
My little people are turning into bigger people.
   My baby can only just fit on my lap for snuggles...huge sigh!!!
Only 5ish weeks until my week days between 9am - 3pm will be free of my little people....sigh!
after 22years this is going to feel rather odd to begin with....I know, I will soon adapt as us humans always do...a new era/chapter begins.
 So back to Christmas eve/day 2011.... love Christmas eve the children love spending time together...most of my guys pull their mattresses off their beds and move them into the one bedroom.....'cause they want to be
together....awwah! aren't they sweet????

Time together

Santa and reindeer's snacks
The kidlets jumped out of bed around 5ish.... to look at the tree but more importantly the gifts!!!

The unwrapping begins

 So our day was SuPeR full of food good friends and christmas love....didn't get a chance to take any pic's of our midday celebrations...Roy worked from 7 til 1....
Alex and Ashlea came over for Pav...mud cake..jelly....plum pudding..icecream and custard around 2:30pm

.......argh! Too MUCH food....
This pic sums up how we all felt by 7ish
 I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas Day full of all that you hold dear.

 Wishing you a wonderful New Year
    God bless

KIM xxx

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