Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monkey off his back!

Morning beautiful people,

So school holidays are here in NSW and my plans are simple...plenty of park play for the younger kids and hopefully plenty of scrapping for me and working out....the muffin top is back and I really want it gone by summer...grrr! winter you are so unkind on many levels...

   Meanwhile in hubbyland.....

   Roy and the two eldest sons (Alex,21 and Rhys 19), are on the adventure of a lifetime. They are riding mountain bikes across Australia...YES!
 They are riding some 3500 kms across our great land...
Their journey began in Narromine, NSW on Sunday 25th September.
The Plan: to ride at least 175 kms per day for 3 weeks.

 When I first met Roy back in 1988 he had dreams of doing this journey, but hey I sort of came onto the scene and .....cough!....cough!.....8 children happened.
 He has had some experience with long distance bike rides.....riding from Sydney to Melbourne the year we met. It's so fabulous that Alex and Rhys have joined him for his (monkey off his back), mammoth ride.

Roy, Alex and Rhys

Two of the bikes fitted with homemade trailers for the great distances they need to travel, with fresh water needing to be carried .

And away they GO!!!
My biggest worry, TRUCKS and snakes....hmmm (just don't think about it Kim??)
 Now I have been scrapping quite a bit but I just can't share at the mow....

So sorry but I will so share as soon as I can...

Oh Yeah!
 All Royal Subjects of CRAFTQUEEN should so be excited for October.....hehehe!

I shall inform you all in due course of a very special ROYAL celebration in the next few days....Way exciting let me tell YOU!!!!
Have to go, the gym is calling my muscles to workout...and feel the BURN.
Keep Happy and Scrappy


1 comment:

Leanne said...

OMGosh Kim!! What a journey! All the very best to them and their adventurous spirits!

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