Sunday, August 7, 2011


What a week!!!
Monday was fabulous then it went on a bit of a slide.....(family health wise).
Tuesday...ungodly hours of the morning master Hugo started throwing up...yep! in our bed too...amazing how fast you can move...even though you were fast asleep like a micro-second before...ewwh!!
 Tuesday was a rite-off...Hugo needed major cuddles....Wednesday he still complained about tummy aches...another quiet one....(thank god for laptops!!!)
 Thursday had to grocery shop, Hugo feeling much better. Madison had a school Roy and I went and watched her first Highschool band performance....very entertaining. Friday morning headed to education week celebrations at our younger children's school Bowen Public. Both Sidney and McKenzie both recieved awards...very proud of them...Sidney also performed in the band and dace groups.
 Friday arvo Roy and I decided it was time to replace our trampoline (which died about 6mths earlier). As Roy was heading out of town for work over the w/end, he decided to put the tramp up, I picked the kids up from school. Around an hour later Tramp was ready (it's one with the enclosure...Roy would never consider even owning a tramp without one ).
 So younger three jump on and start bouncing then master 15, Mason comes out ....jumps about three times, Kenzie falls over and BAM! One hurt left the hospital we go!
 Had our last tramp for like 2-3 yrs without any injuries....this one 5 mins and we have a lateral condyle fracture. So fracture clinic next friday....grrr!

 On a scrappy note....I've been working on a few things for CRAFTQUEEN...Nicole has some great products and new things arriving...yummdiddliyum!!!
 Here's one layout I did for Nicole a Little while ago and a canvas I created using some of her fabulous CHARMS...which I totally adore..

{Sir Serious-a-lot}
The gorgeous ribbon is called Knights and Dragons

A close up

One w/end Annette, Mary & I did a canvas each instead of our usual scrapping
it was heaps of I'm using this method alot on my layouts...awesome stuff!
 Our Scrap That Song challenge blog is up and running with * 3 songs/lyrics to choose from the mind boggles at what one could create...think I might have to have a go at some of the other songs too....fab choices and a generous RAK is up for grabs this month which includes some BEAUTIFUL RIBBONS from ...yep! you guessed right....CRAFTQUEEN....thank you so very much Nicole....
OK sweet scrappy friends must go do a few chores to make tomorrow morning run a little smoother

Cheers and I hope you all have a positively awesome, creative week
PLEASE leave a little kindness, so I know you have stopped bye.

KIM xxx


Gwen Wruck said...

WOW Kim, what a exciting few days you have had... life can be like that sometimes can't it!! :) Love what you have created here, I really must give a canvas a go. I hope you have a quieter week this week... no more adventures kids!!!

Jules said...

eeww... don't you just hate sick weeks?!! we've had so many this winter, we've been sick more often than not!! for someone who loves winter, i'll actually be glad to see the end of it this year. mum's are pretty quick off the mark when there's vomit involved huh?!! LOL..... i soooo know what you mean!! LOVE the layout too... so well put together and you know i love the canvas too you clever chick. Hope this week is better than your last adn big conrats to your little people! :)) x

Jasmine S said...

Oh Kim what a week. If it rains it pours hey?
Hopefully this week will be a little better.
Love your canvas. Very cool.
And that Lo is just fabulous. The colors look amazing.

Kerri said...

OMG Kim how do you do it! I only have 2 teens and they keep me flat out! lol!!!
love your blog and your layout, and the lovely cnavas!
the new blog is great!
K x

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