Thursday, July 7, 2011

Maintaining the Freezer.

  Brrrr!!! It is very chilly here in Orange, we are heading for a top of around 6*degrees today and tonight it is s'posed to drop to around -4 degrees. It's with the added wind chill factor that makes it feel so much colder. The fire is ticking away nicely and central heating is on just in case the fire isn't quite doing it's job.

  It's almost the middle of the school holiday's, here are the kidlets are getting a little stir crazy, the puter is really copping it. A roster is in place with hourly access slots to the! NOT. ( Hence my super early post this morning....grr!)
 The next few days should see the kids a little more entertained with 2nd cousin Billy's B'day party tomorrow, then "Cars 2".....over the weekend and hope the Sun shines so we can get them to a park or just outside for an hour or two???/
   On to SCRAPPING now I've had a grizzle about the fridge conditions here in Orange....

{Just an Awesome Army Guy}

That's what Hugo told me when I showed him these pic's, so I thought sounds like a good title to me.
These pic's crack me up!
He's sooo cute with his little dress-ups, sometimes he'll wear that Darth Vader helmet when we pick the other children up from school....funny as!

For this layout I used one of the new Darkroom Door background stamps from CRAFT QUEEN. I so love altering backgrounds using stamps and had been keeping my eyes peeled for this checkerboard type. Nicole has some other super cool designs instore now, there is a great mesh design and also a very cool postcard design....sigh! ( oh the yumminess!!)

The mind boggles at the endless creating that could be done with these stamps.
The gears are from scrapmatts ( which I also think look fab, esp on boy LO's)..

Exciting stufff ( i forgot to mention), Annette and I had the AWESOME pleasure of meeting the beautiful Leanne Allinson in real life.
Leanne and her family just happened to be travelling through Orange on Monday. We met at our local McDonalds and caught up for about an hour or so.
BOXX gals are just so GORGEOUS!!!
Miss Mary had to work, ( bummer ).

I do have another Layout done but haven't taken any photo's yet as i need better light.

The SUPER amazing JULIE WINKS scraplifted one of MY layouts !!!
How spesh do I feel, my favourite scrapper picked one of my layouts.
Have a look....

O.k time for me to tackle some household chores...ewww!

Hope life is treating you well
and giving lots of time to create.

and hey! make sure you leave a little love.

Until next time


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Dolly B said...

Another fabulous layout Miss Kim and how cute is he.....Definately a Awsome kinda guy :) Love the stamped background and the gears. And How cold is it! BRrrrrrrr

Mary x

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