Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just a little sneak peek.

Been a little quiet this torn between my scrapping and my studying...need to get my SHIZZ together...(as Samantha would put it!!!)

So Sunday shall be my blogging day with a little update halfway through the week..(I hope??)

On a family note....taking Rhys back to Armidale tomorrow :o{{{

Had a lovely BBQ lunch today, with all our beautiful children, Ashlea (Alex's partner,) and Quinn (Samantha's boyfriend,) it would have been an noisy event for him, his first full-on Ewins Lunch....hehehe!
 Roy made one of his scrummy Apple Pies...mmmm!
Went down a treat with a bit of that man can cook!

Had a scrappy afternoon Saturday with the devine miss Annette and fab miss Mary....sorry can't share that just yet...No! not even a sneak at this stage.... (maybe mid week???)
They both did some very yumm layouts...they are way talented....

So just a little sneak today of one layout from earlier this week

So thanks for stopping bye
and please leave some lovin'


P.S My niece had a beautiful little girl on 8th July, weight-9lbs12oz
Congratulations Becky, Kumar and Will


Jules said...

Yay for noisey family get-togethers! i LOVE them and we don't get to experience them anywhere near often enough... and i LOVE a man who can cook!! Troy loves to cook too.... and i love to let him!! hehehe .. have a lovely week hon... :) xx

Gwen Wruck said...

Love the sneak peaks - what a colour combo!!

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