Thursday, June 16, 2011

Part 1...Brisbane Expo

Bright and early Start Again:

Cold and early last Thursday morning, 3 rather excited scrappers set out on an adventure to BRISBANE SCRAPBOOK & PAPERCRAFT CONVENTION..... first leg....bus trip to the Sydney airport (4.5-5 hrs), then a 3 hour wait until plane left for Brisbane...lucky I was with 2 other like minded, wonderful gals. (Miss Mary and Miss Annette). Miss CRAFT QUEEN ( Nicole & her Mum ) also bussed with us.

{On da bus}

{ At Mascot waiting for our flight to Brisbane}
While in Brissie we stayed with one of Marys' lovely friends Leanne and her hubby Jeff. Their hospitality was wonderful, considering they had never met Annette or myself.Friday we had a relaxing day, ended up at a wonderful Antique/collectables shop at (i think) Woolongabbie, where miss A and miss M picked up a few bargins
.SATURDAY----The day!
We headed to EXPO (heaps excited), after Annette gave Mary a hurry on ( which involved a hairbrush...hmmm?) and various txt sent to other BOXX members....we made it.Met Noelene in the foyer...cuddles/hugs all round...( we are such dags). Found BB...and her mummy...more cuddles. Decided to meet around lunch, then off we went....first stop and who did we find,? But one gorgeous Jess McKenzie ,
 My 2 Angels.
 Then Scrapmatts OMG! (yummo!)I was like a kid in a candy store :O))))
The time flew so we headed to find some of the BOXX gals to have lunch with.
We caught up with Noels & her mum..BB and her mum ( sorry can't remember their names), Leanne Jago, Debbie Lawence,Lisa Amniet,Gilly, & Geli...didn't get a photo of that meeting but some of them did.
More shopping

 the photo below was taken around 3ish (cuppa time)


Have to continue this post later peeps
Need to feed the natives.
Kim X
(be back soon)


Jules said...

oh yay for you!! looks like a lot of cuddling went on!! LOL... was thinkin of y'all. So going in 2012... :)) x

Leanne J said...


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