Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Scrappy Space (oh yeah! and study space....cough!!)

As my Daddy dearest is all mended after his hip replacement, well, well on his way, he decided to head back to his little farm  in country QLD. So I have taken back our 5th bedroom and I finally have my Scrappy/study room. This smallish room has great natural light....

Hey! it's a work in progress.....all seems pretty organised at present.....won't stay like this for long!

Weather looks a little nicer here today. Samantha and I are planning on walking/jogging to the gym,(it is roughly 3-4km away), doing a workout then walking/jogging home again...well that's the plan anyways???

Thanks for stopping by and we will see you again real soon.



Dolly B said...

Yay a scrapping room! You go girl, will be lots of fabulous layouts come out of there :)
Have a super duper day
Mary x

Jasmine S said...

Awesome. What a great space and love all of those windows for natural light.

Jules said...

woohoo for you kim!! a sneak peak at a scrap space brings out the voyeur in us all doesn't it? :))) ... looks great!! x

Leeann Pearce said...

Hi Kim....oh i likey your space there's plenty of room to scrap and throw some paint around too... awesome...

And yes kim I do DD you can e-mail me your wish list and i will tally it up for you. i will be listing today some mushrooms and leaf pin topper. i have to go out so it will be done later on today. so you are welcome to place your order and add to it later.

email me at

thanks so much


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